Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Plugging Holes

Friday we headed out to Dinbren again… this time I fancied building up a bit of stamina and plugging some obvious gaps in my tick list of the crag. After the warm-up 7a I tried its neighbouring route – an innocuous little 7a+ called “Silly Games”. Man! Crimpy McCrimp! Felt like a very intense crux sequence from the moment you pulled on. Powerful stabbing between tiny crimps and undercuts with lots of blind footholds and a very non-obvious sequence higher up with no rest to be found anywhere. I was happy that the fingers and technique held out to the top - a tough little number.

Next up was another route that I had assiduously avoided since first seeing it – another 7a+ this time called “Heinous Undercling”. Despite its appearance it felt and climbed much nicer that the route I had just been on. Weird climbing though as all but 3 of the holds on the entire route were undercuts leaving me with a considerable pump!

Caroline started to work a 7a with a very non-girly start sequence through a roof. The low crux slap to a pinch is giving her trouble but she cruised the top of the route in style – something to work towards…

Oh yeah, We had the crag to ourselves again – as usual

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