Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Thing in the Forest

My entire days climbing was over after 6 minutes - felt brilliant! I first tried this route in January with Brian Hall and Reece. The psyche was high but on arriving to the crag the top half of the route was soaking - theres a puddle at the top of the crag that holds water and pine needles and created a kind of biomass soup that runs down the route. Rather than abandon our goal i abbed down the line and with J-cloths in hand i tried to dry off the obvious holds and check the gear. Once on the ground we tied in and began trying the route ground (in the lads case) up above pads. I figured out the lower crux and placed the gear but by the time i got the hooks in i couldn't feel my hands due to the cold, wet crimps. The next crucial sidepull was covered in slime and i came off onto the hooks. Seven weeks later it went first go. Beautiful line and amazing rock. Brian has it int he bag too but due to holding the record for the most consecutive days climbing ever for any Irish person his skin was paper thin and got demolished by the rough gabbro before he could send the thing. Next time :)