Thursday, 17 May 2007

Christleton again…

I got a surprise through my letterbox the other day in the form of an invite for an interview at one of Cheshire’s top schools – Christleton, a specialist Maths college. I prepared for it, went to it and didn’t get it. It came down to a split decision apparently between me and one of the other candidates. But with the entire fulltime staff currently employed in the department being male they chose to employ a woman. The feedback was all great – another Interview where they said I didn’t do anything wrong and would be hard pressed to improve my performance … but didn’t give me the job as a result of factors outside of my control.

It’s becoming a grind and it’s taking its toll on me – no denying it.

The actual teaching is great, I love it! It’s just the associated stress that precedes it that is bugging me. Assignments, reports, interviews, standards logs… everything that makes up the PGCE

It’s still raining in North Wales – seems like it has been all May!

Fingerboarding is keeping me sane, but only just!

This is my final blog as a 24 year old

Kev and Rob are over this weekend for some trad climbing action

…and I’ve caught a cold

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