Thursday, 17 May 2007

Fortress of Snowdonia

Saturday despite the best of intentions and efforts (I drove past EVERY Crag in North Wales looking for some dry rock and failed! It was chucking it down!), we ended up in Caernarfon near Anglesey. Amazingly it was dry with the odd bit of sun poking through the clouds.

We took advantage of the break in the rain to walk around the impressive Caernarfon Castle. One of 6 Castles built around Snowdonia along the North Wales coastline by King Edward 1st to try and keep some sort of control over the Welsh. As the Welsh only ever respected the Romans the King even based the design of Caernarfon on the legendary walls of Byzantium with angular towers and layers of different coloured rock in the outer walls, finishing it off with 3 carved Eagles (Roman style) on the highest towers. Nice try matie – the welsh still hated him. But the Castles are well and truly impressive. World Heritage sites and brilliant examples of medieval construction.
It made a welcome break from the Train, Work, Sleep, Eat routine we usually revolve around. After the Castle we drove back home in another downpour and took out the frustration on the board in an extended training session – Excellent.

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