Monday, 21 May 2007


After my last post I began to feel more and more tired until eventually I made it home from work… We aren’t exactly flush with funds at the moment and Caroline had a big deadline on Friday so I didn’t expect anything for my Birthday other than some tender lovin' care – but I came home to a cheery Lover – Birthday Dinner, followed by Birthday Cake and a lovely card and pressie - I honestly don’t know how she managed it all – I was chuffed!! Eventually after we had enjoyed dinner and cake I found out Caroline’s day had been a complete horror-show and she was the one who needed a shoulder to cry on and some attention, not me! …but she was holding out on me because she didn’t want to ruin my day – obviously it didn’t! It was a really unique birthday for me – no frills or extravagance, just a moment of calm in the stress-storm that has been the year so far and some genuine gestures and effort put in from the person closest to me


Wasatch Girl said...

Oh! I didn't know it was your birthday! Happy Belated Bday HIP. So, the 21st of May?

Dave said...

18th actually... Thank you! :)