Friday, 18 May 2007


I love the way sometimes the smallest things can have the effect of picking you up all of a sudden. Not but a few hours after typing my last wallowing moan I arrived at the athletics track in Deeside in beautiful sunshine after opening some birthday cards that had arrived from home. It must have been weeks since I had completed a decent track session between interviews, rest weeks and assignments so needless to say I was restless. I know myself well enough to realise that in situations like that I’m prone to going ballistic and trashing myself. To combat this I had a strategy in place – Run on Mikes back, don’t lead the session, don’t get in front no matter what (anyway the head cold should take care of that). I felt brilliant – we just did 5 x 800’s after the usual 1600 warmup – finished the lot and felt great. A good evening!

I’ll only briefly mention the fact that we were up literally ALL NIGHT until 5:30am working on a presentation for Caroline! 55mins of sleep – yes – 55mins and it was up and out to work on my Birthday – I am now officially 25! I must say I do fell more tired than usual – does that happen to everyone when they turn this age? Haa!! It’s gonna be a big year – loads of goals need achieving and there’s always plenty more where they came from once they’re done!

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Quality Tale said...

Dear Dave,

It requires lot of courrage..which u have...nice article ever...