Tuesday, 29 May 2007


A wise HAP (you know who you are) recently typed something about the act of writing down your goals representing letting the universe know what you aim to achieve. I liked this take on things. It comfortingly reinforces the idea that what goes on in our heads is still private, our own, untouchable, measurable, infallible – even beyond the comprehension of the universe. By committing these mental cognitions to motion through, typing, writing, speaking – these thoughts are then made part of the universe, recordable, known. Theres something about all this that I like…

Anyway – goals are good – I like these

So heres a few of my own – revamped, and part of the universe for the first time

- climb 7c at Dinbren
- Try an E8 this year
- Run a sub 2min 800m this summer
- Run a 16min splash 5km this summer
- Try an 8a seriously
- Take more pictures
- Phone a friend


Wasatch Girl said...

Ha ha ha! Great post Dave! I was wondering if I should type up my goals on my blog and perhaps I will as it was great to see what you are aiming for this year! Go get 'em HIP!

Dave said...

Go on type em up!!