Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Cabin Fever

Friday evening the rain came again (had it ever left?). Aside from getting out on Saturday for a running session (a real teeth-rattler by the way!) and on Sunday for a good drenching on the hills (12 miles never felt so far before! Horizontal rain and sleet – 10 yards visibility – shorts, Inov8’s and a Nike jacket!) we didn’t leave the house as a result of the rain and some fast approaching deadlines for both Caroline’s and my own, Uni course. I think Friday’s taste of the Limestone added to my frustration coz I was going berserk! The training board got a good hammering and I messed around with the camera a bit but other than that we just read, highlighted and typed.

A few positive things did come out of it though – it was the last straw – I decided I’m not working the summer, I’m going to take a loan out and climb, run, train and sleep for 2 months uninterrupted (hitting as many UK, European and Irish Crags and races along the was as possible) – also I got some good training in both on and off the wall.

Oh, we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean – nuf said


Wasatch Girl said...

I love this picture!

Dave said...

Why thank you! Thats my good side :)