Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Solitude and Crimps

Monday came and went and despite being held back at school for a surprise department meeting we made it out to Dinbren by 6pm with Rocky in tow. Caroline was beginning to feel the pressure of impending deadlines and race stress so decided to only toprope a few warm-ups so after that I Bit the bullet and jumped on “When Saterday Comes” the Final 7c recommended to me by Lee and one that was supposed to be the hardest of the trio – Guidebook description full of “…strong fingers required… crimp up lower steepness… hard move…harder move… harder still…spectacular finishing moves through roof…” yadda, yadda, yadda. Gulp, here goes nothing. One word – Mint! Super-nice climbing on edges, gastons, thumb-catches and undercuts with an awesome crux deadpoint to a Verdon style closed crimp edge from high smears for feet! Afetr that there a bit of a move to a rest and a wild finish through the capping Roof! Hell yeah! I’s got me a line! Woo-Frickin-Hoo!! Daddy Likes!

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