Friday, 11 May 2007


How remiss of me?! I never mentioned much about the best concert I have ever witnessed! Rodger Waters: Dark Side of the Moon. Monday I was so stressed about my impending interview that I almost didn’t go to see the gig! Man I am glad I did – An awesome visual and auditory experience completely throwing my mental timeline all over the shop between songs. Many of the Pink Floyd tracks were played around my house as I was growing up by my Dad – certain albums reserved for lazy summer Sundays spent pottering around the house – other tracks for wild winter evenings being whipped into an excited frenzy by the weather and the music – others tines that were always played as I slept – this music has been engrained into me since Day one and yet before this concert I have had only the slightest inkling of the power behind it. I cant really say much more – there was spacemen, lasers, explosions, flames, Giant Flying Anti-War Pigs, comics of travelling with mates to foreign countries, film sequences capturing the mundane 9-5 that made me want to pack it all in and go and live in a cave and climb in nature, Drugs, depression, growth, and the feeling that everyone there felt the same one some small level.

Musically it was impressive – perfect – fantastic. This was Rock!

Me likes!

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