Tuesday, 8 May 2007

What a weekend!

Friday night i help Caroline with an impending assignment - we dont stay up too late as she's got a big race tomorrow but i get no climbing in

Saturday Morning I wake up and find a message on my phone telling me that i have an interview on Tuesday for a maths teaching position in Denbigh - Arraagghhhh!

I then drive Caroline and Mike 400miles to arrive late to a race that we had been training for for weeks to find that it had been rescheduled last minute! Grrrrrrr...... Absouloutely nothing we can do about it!

Sunday morning I vent some frustration by beasting everyone on the 14 mile hill run - I lead all the way and we clock up a new best time

Shower, shave & Grub - Then tidy up the house because my folks are arriving from Dublin in an hour to stay the weekend

Cook BBQ feast - watch Kung Fu Hustle with Caroline and Folks

Monday morning get up early for an 8 mile road run before the rain comes

Take my Dad up to the summit of Moel Famau - Caroline entertains my mam and Rocky down in the forrest

Drive everyone back to the house for lunch while i hit the books and start getting ready for my interview (Tomorrow!)

Mike turns up and myself, Caroline, Mike and my Dad go to the Manchester Evening News Arena for a sellout Rodger Waters Concert (Pink Floyd!) Awesome!!! But i dont get home untill 1:30 am and i stay up planning my lesson until 4:40am - Plus i have mild tinitis

one and a half hours sleep and i haul ass out of bed, shower, dress and hit the road for the interview after saying goodbye to my parents

It takes all day - I am being observed and assessed from 8:30am till 4pm

I Ace the interview infront of a board of 6 governors and senior staff but only come a close second out of over 25 applicants due to some slight oversights in my lesson - If they only knew what i had done and how tired and physicially ill i felt in order to even be standing infront of them!

They offer me feedback - it's all good but i just need sleep now - i make the tired drive home slowly - straining not too fall asleep at the wheel of the car as i take the hairpins up over the Clwydiand backroads.

My eyes close once or twice on the drive home but i make it

3000 word essay due in on Friday and i need to get that started

Tonight is training night on the track and theres an important race comming up this Friday but i dont fancy my chances at either at this stage

Caroline goes Training - I stay home and type this before crashing in a heap on the bed

Chances of climbing before Saterday - Nil

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