Friday, 11 May 2007


I’ve a bit to post since my last blog – After I collapsed on Tuesday after my interview I had a bit of a shitty day on Wednesday (as you could guess from my previous post) and it was all capped off with a phone call from my University Mentor informing me that I was to get my final formal assessment on Thursday morning. Great – That meant that I could no longer use Wednesday evening to get started on the 3000 worder that was due in on Friday. Anyway – with the help of some kind words from a few people (you know who you are! Thanks a million!!!) I was shot out of the murky depths and back on top of things and riding the flow once again – Oh yeah! I enjoy working under pressure – gives me a purpose – Guess I’m a goal driven person – no denying it! Anyway – I planned a corker of a lesson, sorted out all my files etc… Got a great review from the Mentor… Got home and hit the research journals on the “Every Child Matters” agenda and by midnight I had produced what could only be called a miracle – another essay in the bank and not a bit of time wasted. Ok – you’re thinking I’m a slacker – perhaps I should explain.

The Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) is the basic teaching qualification – although it equates to one third of a masters Degree it is only assessed as a Pass or Fail Unit. Where’s the challenge in that? Like I said I’m goal orientated. If there’s no score system and hence no competition, I’ll just do what I have to in order to pass and use my time better for training etc… Anyway – the first assignment took me completely by surprise way back in late 2006 when I was genuinely struggling with the change in career and workload. I stayed up all night and produced an essay that I doubted would pass but it was all I could manage. I felt I had let myself and my Mentor down – I didn’t want them to think that I was as dense as the assignment may lead them to believe. Well – I got the highest score out of the Course – up in the 80’s – that was that – since then I don’t try.

One very enjoyable side affect of this is that the lady I typed about in my previous post is quite begrudging and also an academic snob. She looks down her nose at people without her qualifications and results etc… I really hate that shit. I have seen that attitude everywhere I have ever worked – even when I was first in University going out on an engineering experience block I was shocked to listen to my classmate’s anecdotes about bossing technicians around – as if they could learn nothing from the old guy’s vast experience? I enjoy hanging out with people at all levels – they are the people who know what’s really going on – and quite often why things aren’t working that big-headed young guns think should! I love that! Anyway – Missy spends weeks researching and drafting again and again – and all the time rubbing the fact in that I’m gonna fail or something and then I go and do it in an evening and get a better grade – Hooyaaa!! One for the team!

So that’s that – I hand that in this afternoon and then shoot off to do a 5km road race. It’s kinda overcast here and it’ll probably rain but sometimes that a great feeling after a shitty time – when you feel light – bursting with energy after letting your standards and outlook slip and get affected by the nastiness of the everyday mundane – a rain on your face is like a cleansing, washing away the debris of the week. I’m looking forward to it. I’ll not be looking at a PB (personal Best) tonight but I would be happy with anything around 17Min20sec – It’s hard to type this kinda thing here and risk coming back with bad news but at least its honest!

Tomorrow I’m going climbing – Even if the heavens open and it downpours – I’m going climbing – indoors if I have to!

Oh yes!

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