Friday, 30 March 2007

Busy Week

I wasn’t trying to avoid you or anything – it’s just that I’ve had one of those weeks – after the lads were over for the weekend it was just a case of taking a deep breath and putting my head down and ploughing through it!

Monday I had one of my 3 official observations from the University – so needless to say I was shattered, totally unprepared and managed to (in typical Dave style) wing it! Brilliant! I got a glowing report! Woo hoo!!! Then things get busy again – no time to enjoy the moment! Tuesday is a real shit day – I’m teaching all the lessons and some of them bomb good style! The first time I felt frustrated or stressed with teaching actually! I was really pissed off! More with another member of staff then with the kids actually but that’s dealt with now… Chill Dave… Thursday, Caroline had an assignment due in so we wrote it together Wednesday night – all night! Got to bed at 5:40am!!!! Up at 7!!! Needless to say I wasn’t well so I went home sick at 9:30… just as well because I had an assignment twice as large as Carolines due in today!! Classic!! So after putting my dead down and typing like a lunatic I finished it yesterday evening with just over the 4000 word mark – exhausted!! Then had to chop a couple of 100 words out to squeeze it into the word limit!

But now I’m good! Oh yeah!

Off now for 2 weeks – going climbing – loads and loads of climbing! In fact I’m gonna climb like a mad monkey as often as possible – Whey hey!! I’ve managed to pick the one 7c+ (5.13) around that completely doesn’t suit me whatsoever, its great!

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