Thursday, 12 April 2007


Sorry if you've been reading this blog and have noticed the distinct lack of posting of late - Typicially, when there lots being done, theres no time to type about it.

Its been a busy week or so!


Celebrated the beginning of the Easter break with a days cragging at Dinbren. Unusually we could see climbers on some pretty tough routes as we approached - normally we've had the entire crag to ourselves! Turns out it was a roaming party from Llanberris - 9 or so of them. A nice bunch but it forced me to postpone any plans i had of looking at some classics for another day. Caroline had resisted the urge to touch rock all year but finally gave in and toproped a few lines and i made a decision and set a standard for days cragging - I'll not be going home till I've at least clipped the chains on half a dozen routes! This time it wa nice with a 6b warmup, 6c, 6c+, 7a+, 7a+ and a 7b. I think the time spent here if infinately worthwhile - this crag is sooo distant from my prefered style of climbing that climbing here is forcing me byond my comfort zone from the minute i leave the deck - pushing my onsight level here is really forcing me to , in the immortal words of Gabe in Ceuse circa 2004 - "Put your game face on and give it hell! You're a tiger and the rock's a bunny rabbit!! Tigers eat bunny rabbits!!! Grrrr..."

A busy Dinbren...

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