Saturday, 21 April 2007

Flowers are for the Dead

Friday i managed to squeeze an hour in at Dinbren and tried the first of the 3 7c crimpfests suggested to me by the crag Guru - Flowers are for the dead. My only beta for this was from warching Neal trying it last year - it looked hard! Very hard! .... it still is! But after dogging my way to the chains i lowered off and was shocked - i could hold the holds - Barely, but long enough to sketch my way through the moves - what a nasty Route! was like a V9 on a rope! Although staying phsyched i have to be honnest and admit I'm not strong enough yet to send this baby - a little deflated but still happy in the knowledge i wouldn't have even made it to the chains ever before now - not a route to my strengths.

Neal, if you read this - Ouch! I now understand ...

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