Thursday, 12 April 2007


Wednesday we decided to get Caroline leading again after her prolonged layoff during the colder winter months. We drove up to Trevor area, compact wall for it's well bolted, technical crimptastic routes. Caroline shook off her funk and lead a airy 6a+ and a hard 6b+ before we hit the road to check out Ruthin Crag.

Caroline on he 6b+

Lee had retro-bolted this previously trad crag last year and to my knowlegde no-one has been out to it since! Its a great little venue that catches all the evening light thats going. situated above the tiny village of Pwllglas there is only about half a dozen routes worth going at, but they're good! I had previously onsighted one og the crags harder routes when it was trad - it went at E5 with a scary top out.
Now that the crag is bolted you've got a line of brilliant vairied 7a's - perfect for Caroline to begin working

Caroline supprising herself on a 7a

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