Thursday, 12 April 2007

They're here

Friday the entire clan arrived by car ferry from Dublin, Parents and grandparents - the entire day was spent catching up and drinking tea - everyone loved Rocky and he seemed to like the extra attention aswell!


Saterday we took advantage of the great weather and decided to contribute to the record breaking attendances at Chester Zoo. I dont really like the ideas of zoo's and visiting this one didn't really go any way in convincing me otherwise - apparently alot of the entrance fee goes towards conservation work so i suppose thats something. It was PACKED!!! but we made the most of it and Caroline had prepared a picnic for the whole mob which went down well especially with the Elders. A great day out!

Sunday we went for a walk up Foel Fenli and monday we drove in convoy to bangor where we said our good byes and left the parents and grandparents to drive the rest of the way to Hollyhead and their ferry - Phew!

Great to see the family - i had a great weekend and think they did too - absouloutly wrecked by this stage!

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