Thursday, 26 April 2007

Slight Set-Back

Sunday marked the official beginning of the track season... we went to Stretford for a Medals meet. Caroline and Mike kicked off the day with a 3000m and then we had a bit of waiting around for my 800m - knowing that my hamstring had been actingup a week earlier i made sure to warm up well but it didn't help - i lined up, set off on the gun and felt the repeated pang of pain from above the back of my knee. I relaxed after 100m or so and tried to not stress the leg but it wasn't going too well - i pulled out after the 400m mark and 59 sec - Hopefully i havn't done too much damage and by pulling out i'll be bale to recover, train and then race at full power later in the season.

The positives i took from the day include the fact that the first lap i ran fast and it felt EASY! Physicially i felt great - it's just a blip but at least i know the training has been worth it - i have improved.

Caroline and Mike then finished the afternoon off with a 1500m, while i watch on and sulked a bit ... Nawh, not really! i cheered them on as usual

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