Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Thoughts and Catch-up - Wednesday 18th April

Well I’ve hit the grindstone again – back to school Monday and back into the usual routine of working and training. I always feel like everything takes a step up a notch when you get stuck back into things after a couple of weeks lay of and rest. Our new weekly mileage of 55 miles seems to be holding up well and both Caroline and myself are still getting PB’s on the track and during our AM road runs during the week so we must be doing something right.
Also, I feel that my climbing training is going well lately. My hypertrophy training took a serious knock over the past few weeks with people coming over to visit and the training room being taken up with peoples gear and spare beds etc… but I feel proud of the fact that no matter what was going on I still managed to do a minimum number of hangs and pulls from the board every day.
I didn’t mention it in earlier posts but after the first couple of days cragging over the Easter holidays I managed to hang the smallest rung on my board footless for 20 sec for the first time – maybe I could have always done it and never tried or maybe the bit of sports climbing shocked my fingers into activating more muscle fibres – whatever! All I know is that I’ve noticed an improvement and it has opened up a whole new area for me to train. Since then I have been gradually adding sets of hangs and locks off this rung and the fingers seem to be handling the loading quite well. Also, using the larger rungs I can now consistently do sets of 15 pull-ups at a time. Now I want to keep targeting my finger training and further build up and work on my core separately – I know it’s just a case of deciding to fit it in and doing it!
For some reason I am managing the school workload better these days so more of my free time is actually free and I don’t have to stay up till all hours planning lessons. Caroline has an assignment due in this week but once that’s in I’m reserving my Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings for cragging – I’ve had 3 7c’s suggested to me by the guy who wrote the local guidebook so I’m planning on trying to project them – Like I always say, the climbing at Dinbren is so hard for me that working these routes should really go towards bringing me on… only one thing worries me – a route I belayed Neal on, one that he found desperate, was suggested to me as an easy 7c – Gulp! Either it didn’t suit Neal and it’s alright or the other 7c’s are absolutely Brick hard!! I’ll post more on this when I try them…

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