Friday, 27 April 2007

Big Red Jeep

Straight after the races on Sunday we headed home and i nipped around to the local landmark (Tescos) to meet Enda 'wild man' Moynihan who i had not seen in yonks! He has a very Big and very RED jeep! Massive! like a tank with windows! anyway - spent the evening catching up with what we had both been up to over the past few years and he filled some considerable gaps in my knowledge of what everyone else at home had been up to lately aswell (it was handy as he's leaving in a week for 6 months duty abroad so had been catching up with everyone himself - the perfect time for me to pick his brains!).
Enda was the man responsible for furnishing me with a pile of climbing hardware way back when i had just turned 17 and found myself in the Uni climbing club for the first time...awwaahhh. Before this event i had resorted to either soloing or leading on the 3 bits of pro that myself or Ronan (Firewalker) had managed to FIND around the hills and quarry - yes, i know NOW thats it's not the safest thing in the world to try and lead routes on 1 HB brass, a size 5 DMM wallnut and a rusty size 8 WC rock (found in a pool at the bottom of a warerfall in wicklow by Ronan's younger brother!) but hey, Ronan bought a draw for each bit of pro, so we figured it almost equated to a rack right? Enda signing over a very full rack of wires, micros, Cams and hexes along with a dozen draws, slings and even a rope caused what could only be described as an overload - i cant remember much about the few months that followed but i do remember not being in Uni too much and always scrimping and saving up the DART fare to get out to Dalkey.
Enda also caused many a crazy night out with climbers - for some reason it was always his house that was the site of all the madness! (Ahem... Nuf said!) Legend!
We only talked about that stuff briefly - we didn't need to go through it all blow by blow - we were both there and anyone who wasn't there (both physicially AND "there" in a very physcological perspective - i.e. lots of people where in that location but few were where WE were and by "we" i mean the core of universe at the time - they know who they are - they've the scars to prove it!) would never understand anyway.

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