Thursday, 22 March 2007


The plagarised rantings of a raw talent – A friend who made more of a mark on me than I’m afraid I made on him – I hope He’s alive and more importantly Happy

"it was on a hot summer night, in the hills of south east Ubania, a country not unknown for its magnificent hills. The magic was in the air that night, i didn’t realise it then but now looking back, oh how present it was... my mind was spinning in a daze, my legs were shaking and my stomach trembled beneath the moonlight. it was happening again, my transformation into what will become known as the dawning of realisation was taking form and i almost couldn’t bear it. my skin began tearing, my veins began bulging, i was in a wave of euphoria amongst the pain of it all, because i knew it was my destiny... and as the moments went by in that serene setting i became more and more what others feared most.... unstoppable! ...and as my skin shed and my by now gigantic muscles formed i was a new being, one of incredible strength and agility. Nothing would get in my way now, least of all those pitiful cretins of old that tied me down with constraints trying to postpone my awakening. I stalked down the hillside in my new armour of ripped carcass, veins on the brink of explosion from the pressure of power swelling up from the deep within of my being. i saw a rabbit and 'whammo' i ate it, i saw a deer and i ate that too.. my appetite was in suppressible but my thirst for strength was unquenchable. and still i grew from within and without. now nothing was a question of possibility rather a question of worth. i was in control and the world worked for me and me alone. This is just a brief glimpse into my world, i shant explain any more other that this was i the feeling i had inside during the years i battled my way to the top... i was alone and i had become!!!!"

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