Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Light at the end of the tunnel

Finally! Up to date Blog (ish)
Another Hypertrophy session last night – this time I began to tweak it a bit and add elements to it that targeted my weaknesses more. Decided to change the two-finger hangs with open crimps instead as I’m more likely to be crimping on the rock I do most of my routes on – may revert back to the two finger stuff before a Spanish or French Rock trip in the future. I also altered the open edge hangs to one handed hangs instead… keep the pressure on. I’m finding that I am actually adapting quite well to the training. It’s amazing that by repeating the same session week in week out you can actually really notice the difference short term! Acts as a massive confidence boost too. But it’s still Boring! I’ve taken to playing short climbing clips on the pc in the background – ‘Pressure’ at Dumbarton is a good one – 100 days…100 days… Keep hanging! Keep Hanging!!!

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Wasatch Girl said...

When are you thinking about doing a Spanish / French trip? I am really tempting to do that trip in the near future as well...