Monday, 26 March 2007

Chester sports awards

Friday night was the date of this years Chester University sports awards night. Dinner and a fancy night out in the Queen hotel, Chester. Caroline won the full colours for the University for representing the University at cross country running, representing the region at fell, road, track and cross country running and for representing Ireland and competing in international and world events, namely the World Mountain running trophy in Turkey 2006. The awards were presented and Caroline sat back down feeling a bit deflated by the crap presentation skills of the gobshite currently in charge of the Students union at Chester – the typical SU president – Fat, loud (clearly compensating for some deep-rooted insecurities) and as usual, totally ignorant of anything other than the large team-sports that party and drink a lot i.e. Rugby etc.. To Caroline’s surprise the biggest achievement and award of the night was awarded to her aswell! It was funny – no-one there knew Caroline… mostly because she’s not a very good self publicist – doesn’t say boo about anything she has achieved and she doesn’t go out and get plastered like the majority of the student population. Sports person of the year – Caroline Harney! … and a nice engraved plate and a shield to go with her certificate for receiving the full colours.
Plus the dinner wasn’t half bad either...

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