Monday, 5 March 2007


Well Sunday was a complete washout! Its strange, isn't it, how easily we can come to forget all the bad weather at the slightest bit of almost-good weather?!?! After Saterdays awesome climbing conditions and dry rock i had almost completely forgotten wher i actually lived and was planning Sundays Climbing - Haa!! It LASHED!! still, the morning was put to good use - we had planned a session at the athletics track and an introduction to the conditioning suite... BEEFCAKE!!

After a mile or so warmup on the indoor track Mike ran us through has recommended circuit - mostly just your plane, bog-standard lifts (and with a dyno comp looming on the horizons i wouldn't mind a bit more explosive leg power - wink, wink, nudge, nudge!). the weights session was only intended to be an introduction so we didn't do too much, just worked on technique. Then it was time for a cool down indoors and the rain came - Heavy, dark, lashing rain... so what do we do? Go outside onto the 400m track of course for 5 miles or so (obviously a different kind of conditioning). Just when i though i was shaking off this headcold - nothing better than 30mins running around in the rain - Funnily enough i still managed to loose the bug, but now Caroline, the never-ill Caroline, has fallen foul to it! and the week before we fly back to Ireland for the Nationla Cross country Champs!! Nooo!!!!!

Anyway, woke up this morning feeling like i had been run over by a train! my shoulders have not ached like this in - Well - EVER! But its a good pain - it's the deep burn of myth and legend! Things a afoot, big things - ride this flow i must!

Also had the first day in my new schooltoday. I'll be teaching there untill they finish for summer when, hopefully, i'll be a qualified teacher! And a Nice school it is too - A good gang of people from first impressions.... lets hope I'm not wrong (apparently I'm too soft on people and give alot of people way to much credit thats not due! We'll see..)

And finally - While thrawling for good pics to upload to my Imageshack, i came across this one of the Lady herself - Caroline. Picture take in Siurana in Spain with La Rambla (9a+) in the background. How come i can get such pure motivation, inspiration and energy from just pixels?!?! On so many levels.... Anywho - this kinda makes up for the previous not so flattering pic i posted of the Maire :)

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