Friday, 2 March 2007


I've mentioned a bit about conditioning in previous posts - nothing concrete. Well basically to suppliment my running and climbing training the next step is some general weight exercises to improve strength. As luck would have it, i have recently been wanting to add some light gym sessions to my weekly training but figured that i couldn't really commit to anything structured untill i finish my current teacher training course in June, but then out of the blue, the athletics centre where we train twice a week have announced the opening of their 'Athlete Conditioning Suite' - basically just a store room full of heavy weights! Turns out i can use it on training nights at no extra cost! Brilliant! Hopefully some work on the basic olymic lifts will halp core stability, shoulders, back and legs. I've also just invested in a light barbell set for home use - I have always been criticised by physios for my shall we say unbalanced strength - my upper back was Way, Way too overdeveloped while my lower back and core was weak as water - keeping a set of light weights for home use should help this over time (i Hope).

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