Sunday, 11 March 2007


Well it’s a bit late in coming but here it is – The weekend that wiped me!
Friday I get home from work, hurriedly pack and Myself, Mike and Caroline hit the road for Liverpool John Lennon Airport. Catch the last flight to Dublin, Pick up or rental car (punto – gits shafted us!) and arrive back at the Family home in time to meet my younger Bro’s new girlfriend and hit the sack! Phew! Saturday morning we get up early, (6.30am ish) and do a quick few miles running to loosen the legs before jumping into the car and driving to Sligo for Caroline’s Race – the all Ireland Cross country Championships 2007. Caroline had been running really well a few weeks before this but as luck would have it, she came down hard with a flu the week leading up to this and hadn’t shook it. Still, we had the flights booked so we kept on going regardless. To add some extra stress to the mix, My parents were down visiting Joan and Kieran in their house in Sligo so came along to support and Caroline’s parents and younger brother and sister were due to come and cheer her on aswell! Our parents have never met despite the engagement!! Well long story short, the race started and Caroline got settled into a comfortable 8th position before the flu showed its affect on her Aerobic system by wiping her out! She fell back to around 19th position during the 8km slog before a return to form in the final lap when she dipped into her Anaerobic reserves to finish 16th. Hugs, soup and tea and we were back on the road to Dublin and caught our flight back to Liverpool. So ends the lightening raid.

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