Saturday, 3 March 2007

Testing, Testing...

I had another go at testing my wings today; so to speak. Having not lead ANYTHING since er... must be Ceuse last September!?!? Nawh... played on a local trad route or two since then but they were solos anyway so they dont count! Anyway - yes, i shook off the majority of the rust and took a chance - it had rained pretty heavily last night so decided not to venture as far as LPT - instead we went to Dinbren for the first leads of 2007! Managed to cruise up a 6b, 7a, 7a+ and a 7b. Not Bad! Whatever I'm doing it must be working!

Even with the tail-end of this headcold making its mark and after this morning's 12 mile hill run around Moel Famau with mike the routes still felt within the comfort zone... a really good sign and a serious boost. I know i can send some decent routes this year - especially something a little less crimpy and aggressive than the routes in Clwyd. Nige is also keen for some LPT action so fingers crossed....
It was a beautiful evening up at the crag and as usual we had the entire place to ourselves. Rocky continues to love exploring all thes exciting places - it must be doggy heaven up there. Felt really remote and isolated up at the crag, just the two of us - only the breeze and the odd Bird - untill the odd CHOOO, CHOOO!! from the steam engines down in Llangollen (I wonder if Thomas is back for the Kids?)
I could happily spend many more evening up there in the future - lets hope i get the chance to and caroline can start working some of the harder routes aswell.
Tomorrow we've arranged something slightyl different for a Sunday - we're meeting up at the Track and getting a walk through the conditioning suite... I'm a gonna ache on Monday!

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