Thursday, 28 June 2007

Great News!!

I Nailed my Interview and have sealed the deal on my first teaching post due to start in September in North Wales!!! Sweet!

Now that pressure is off and i've finally sorted out my funds - 10 week off for the Summer!!! Now where to go? When to Go? and for how long???

Ireland (of course!)

France? (Ceuse, Gorge du Tarn, Boux)

Spain? (Siurana, Rodellar)

Italy? (Arco)


Germany? (Franky? Can my fingers take such a beating?)

Woo frickin Hoo!!!!!!!!!

Picture of one of the places closest to the center of my universe - the Burren, West Coast of Ireland - Awesome climbing, Awesome Smells, Awesome Air, Awesome People...


The All Seeing Eye said...

Congrats on the successful interview!

Dave said...

Danke! :)

Amy said...

Congratulations - sounds like you can't make a bad decision in the next 10 weeks - enjoy!

Wasatch Girl said...

Congratulations my friend!!!!!

Steve said...