Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Training and Motivation

Another nonsence nothing fact is that I can now lock off one-armed from my campus rungs! May not seem like much but I’ve never been able to do it before and I can do it now – progress, and it’s the little gems of progress that occasionally shine like tiny diamonds in a bucket of shit that keep us training – especially when every inch of rock within 300miles is saturated and you’ve no recent route sends to prove that you’re training is paying off! Other than that the only climbing news from my end is that I’m still hanging and pulling from the various bits of wood on my board as if I’ve something to prove.

During the week more inspiration came through the world wide web from Neal – this time he went and posted a vid clip of him attempting a crazy looking 8a route in Oz called Koala. The dude styles the crux (although it does look desperate! – Neal informs me later that he missed the obvious easy sequence - typical) rests on some undercuts afterwards and then rips off after greasing off a damp undercut on easy (er) ground! A Few things about this fuelled me – firstly, hes climbing solid – great to see a route dialled and Neal cranking. Secondly, takes guts to post a clip of an almost send but that’s part of the redpoint head set which neal has learned – a fall is not a failure, only another landmark on the way to a new level.
Check this out...

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