Thursday, 7 June 2007

Plagiarised Update #2

One week left of teacher training now and then I’m a free man for 10 weeks – yeah, 10 weeks of climbing, training, and running. Plenty of sports is the order of the day before going forth and seeing what that can translate to on the trad front. The sports is still the main measuring stick of progress and ability but the trad is just feeding me the buzz that I’ve only just realized I crave from it. Throw in the potential for new lines and I nearly cream my pants at the prospect!

Opps!…back again… just drifted off into flicking through guidebook land….la la la. I don’t bother reading any text anymore - it’s all in there already, memorized. I just scan the black and white topos for potential blank expanses of virgin ground… I’m a freak.

Anywho... Nope, just drifted off again…

right. Back, brrruuuaaagghhhhh! Ok, The other interesting thing is that I’ve actually just found out what the internet is for. I mean, I’ve always used the net for finding info, researching, news, emails but man was I missing the point! I found BEBO and facebook and all of a sudden I’ve been flung back into the thrawl of a virtual Dublin – within 6 hours of tentatively and sceptically signing up I had been contacted by the bulk of my old university classmates that I had totally fallen out of touch with! It was amazing! Pictures on profiles from my freakin graduation that I had never seen! Faces I had forgotten and the weird thing is that they hadn’t changed! And they wondered what had happened to yours truly! I has been a seriously eye opening experience not just regarding the whole net thing- but about what we gain and also miss by being climbers – I remember having a similar experience back in third year – just looking around at my classmates and realizing the bonds and friendships that had formed and feeling accepted but at the same time a kinda outsider on account of being so obsessed with the climbing and the gang that we hung out with at the time. I was like their freaky cousin – still family but not as refined or smooth around the edges as they had become in each others company. Well this was kinda like that again. And not just Engineers, Climbers too! They’re everywhere! It’s class – anyway, all it does is remove yet another excuse from my arsenal about not keeping in touch (damn it!) so I’m hoping I’ll just have to face the music, and try and improve (not another thing I have to improve at!!!!).

All this expanding of my digital footprint has also given me the momentum to start openly sharing my blog – up until now I had kept a very low profile – in fact I think only 2 people knew anout it and they had the consideration to keep it to themselves. Maybe it’s a coming to terms with myself or maybe I have just begun to crave hits – I cant in all honesty say but the result is I am comfortable with people knowing a little more about what I find important – granted this knowledge will inevitably result in me being no longer invited to social gatherings but I don’t go to much of them as a rule nowadays anyway – I may also get attacked in public for my crimes against blogging! Haa! Ah well, best press on….
Wish me luck!

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