Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Tough Team

So thats me finished my teacher training – woohoo! Now back to the real training! A few motivational words later from Neal in the outback and I’m dangling off the fingerboard and running to beat the band! Its been a great training week. The weather has been dire – literally non-stop rain for the entire week! But im not too bothered as we’ve had a few loose ends still to tie up around Chester and Bangor Uni before we can begin our 10 week summer holiday for real – did i mention that already? 10 weeks of training and climbing! Ahhhhhh! :)
This week saw us clock up a healthy 55+ miles of running to include the 9 mile Tattenhall Tough Team Challenge on Friday. Basically, 2.5 miles of hilly road into 4 miles of forrest and off-road steepness, back onto another 2.5 road miles to the finish. Must be ran in teams of 3 with the slowest runners time counting as the team result. Myself, Caroline and Mike ran together. Having done it last year in 70 something minutes I was keen to let the legs loose and try and beat my time. Turns out the training must be paying off as I ended up leading the race through the forrest and back to within a mile of the finish when I relaxed and waited for the rest of my team. The eventual winning team contained runners who all run sub 16min for 5km and sub 33min for 10km! These guys were good… and I was beating them! Finished the race in 60 mins and was only 1 min 20 away from the course record! Not bad considering I took it easy coming in and the conditions were horrendous after all the rain… I’m still not quite sure how it all happened. Anyway – will keep an eye out for any pics if they get posted online and link to them here....

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Outsider Annacurra '07 said...

good man. running equals good clean (mucky) fun in this weather.
Gis a shout next time you're over, let's run!