Friday, 6 July 2007

Networks and digital footprints

Being relatively new to this whole blogging thing and also to sites like BEBO and Facebook I am still being surprised as to how effective they are at connecting people! It’s shocking! I’ve been flung back into contact with people I haven’t heard from in Years! Old classmates, climbing friends, people from all over! Plus it’s kinda weird getting positive comments and encouragement from – well complete strangers - who have stumbled across my blog! It’s cool! Thanks everyone! When I first tentatively began to write in this blog I went to some lengths to keep it all under wraps – only 2 people were made aware of its existence and I was happy with that. Now, I’m enjoying browsing through blogging communities and counting my hits – it’s a weird transition!
Also seeing myself mentioned in other peoples posts is kinda strange but great at the same time... It's all good!


robinb said...

and you're making a good job of the blogging. I'm enjoying following :-)

Dave said...

Why, thank you! See what i mean - positive vibes from across the interweb! Daddy likes! :)