Friday, 6 July 2007

I’ve snapped!

A friend of mine is just back from a week in the Gorge du Tarn and after receiving an email from her I’ve snapped! That’s it – in 7 days time we’re hitting France for two weeks of climbing and pocket pulling!!! Ferry booked, Dog sorted and topo’s downloaded. Having been to Tarn before I’m hesitant to go again so soon – theres sooo many quality crags in France it’d be a shame to limit yourself to only a few. The vague plan for this little road trip is to head south (hopefully escaping the rain!!!!) to look towards somewhere new – somewhere cutting edge – yet to be in the limelight – yet to be polished – somewhere like St. Leger du Ventoux, near Orange. And if that turns out to be not that great I’m moving onto Buoux or possibly even le Tarn or the best crag in the world, Ceuse. I know I’ll be low on stamina for this trip no matter what I do this coming week before going but it’ll give me a good indication of where I’m at. And it’ll also leave us with some strength and stamina in the tank for the rest of the summer either climbing trad in Wales or Ireland or possibly another follow up trip to France at a later date.

Last night saw us at an indoor wall for the first time in 8 months?? Good sign was that none of the holds felt too small! A quick stamina interval session later and we were pleasantly supprised as to how easy everything was feeling. Bring it on!!


Outdoor junkie said...

Oh, would I love a trip to Frenchy crags at present. Pocket pulling...mmmm..... :)

Dave said...

You know it!