Friday, 6 July 2007

Being Driven round the Bend

I’ve only been driving around 3 years. My parents and grandparents never owned a car, growing up in Dublin we relied on cycle power or public transport. But since owning a car, and being a climber, I’ve probably clocked up a good 10 years worth of miles under my belt (all with people in the car – carpooling, the way ahead). Last week i began helping Caroline to get to grips with Driving. It’s really cool to see someone going through the learning process – and doing it well! Aside from the obvious pitfalls and lessons associated with learning to drive; as a passenger to a learning driver I’ve noticed that being in a ‘L plate’ car allows you to see the best and the worst qualities of the other motorists on the road. Its like an amplifier for peoples characters. Some drivers are soo considerate and patient, while others just aren’t. It’s cool to just sit back and take it all in as the passenger.

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