Saturday, 2 February 2008

This weekend

Well it's snowing here and i've a 5 mile road race tomorrow near Crew. Er.... other than a tonne of work and training that has to get done thats about the sum of all my plans for this weekend :) Not bad really. Theres loads going on in school that i think i'll blog about in more detail in another post (coz it's worth it!) and the running training has resumed with gusto after the rocky start we've had between illness and weather this year - last week saw us clocking up a considerable mileage between 5am 6/7 mile runs and some grueling pm fartlec or threshold 10 milers! I'm tired but feeling good coz i'm back training! It is a drug. I'm finding everything in my life seems to be strongly connected with my ammount of focus at the time - I'm really trying to get things done and it's showing through my running, climbing training, work, finances, sence of well being, everything! Lets hope it lasts...
Still gotta write about some goal setting...hmmmm
Oh, and almost a year to the day since i began this blog thing..... made some interesting viewing to skim back through some of the older posts - can't believe all that was in a year!!! and over 4000 visits to the blog since i added the counter - don't know if thats a good or bad statistic but it's supprising all the same :)


Stephen Mc Gowan said...

Congrats on a year in the blogging world, you've certainly made some great gains in that time and it's been great reading! Hopefully there will be lot's more to read in the next come on get up your goals for the year!

I'm sure that those 4000 views probably don't take into account the people who are subscribed to your RSS feed.

darkman said...

Nice pic.