Thursday, 14 February 2008

Web digest - What i've been interested in!

I read this morning on (one of my favourite sites) that Adam Ondra, pictured above, has just made short work of La Rambla, 9a+ and he's still only 15!

"On his second day and fifth try Adam Ondra walked up La Rambla, 9a(+). Dani Andrada and Edu Marin could only watch in amazement." (

Also of note on is the mention of Dani Andrada's constant string of new routes - just yesterday establishing a new 8c+ and today extending it to result in another 9a route! The site is really at the forefront of the cutting edge sport climbing scene and has even began to reward the top climbers like Andrada and Ondra with Shares in the website itself! Plus with the increasing use of phone blogging - you are literally reading aboput and looking at pictures of hard first ascents 15mins after they've been fired!

Meanwhile on one of my other favourite sites, Dave MacLeod has been writing about his recent new Mixed routes on the mountains and boulder projects in the glens - It seems he has an uber project on the go but is still finding the time to force new lines up to font 7c as demonstrated in the latest video he posted of him sending on the Heather Hat boulder. Check it out!

Back home in Ireland i see Neal is injured but blogging away happily - Keep the faith Dude! He has made the short list of a blogging award so fingers crossed that turns out well!

and On Irish Climbing Coaching the lads are still working towards enlightening the masses - this time with a nice piece on the drugs aspect to sports - worth a read!

And finally on North Wales Bouldering the usual suspects keep the hard lines comming on the Ormes and at the local Pantymwyn crag


Dave said...

On that note ... it's 9am , i'm going bouldering!

Neal said...

nice dude :)
Speaking of, you'll notice the article at the top at present on the Kiwi, Mayan. That's that girl we met while in Siurana a few months ago....
Look at her ticklist!

Dave said...

Ha! Yeah! She was sound - great to see her cranking! 8a's onsight and a load 2nd go!