Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Did someone say Trad?

Look, i know this doesn't count as blogging but again, i saw this and thought of you Guys out there - just look at the position he places the two cams from below the crux!! I gotta admit... i'm torn now between starting my route projecting early or doing some bouldering...hmmmm

...and more (they better arrive soon coz i'm bursting to climb!!!!)


Stephen Mc Gowan said...

Great climbers, both of them! Go get your hands on First Ascent if you haven't seen it already. It contains a lot of footage of Didier, as well as his race against Sonnie for Cobra Crack (and the footage you have of him below).

Definitly one of the best clmbing movies I've seen.

Plus Sonnie Trotter has been over to have a look at Rhapsody, as can be seen in Commited vol 1(also quite a good movie). Seems he quite likes the line.

robinb said...


Both vids make me wish I was climbing again!

Dave said...

Cheers for the comments guys! I've not seen First Ascent or commited or King Lines or Underdeveloped or Hard XS or...etc... :) but i do know of Sonny and Didier, and his attempts on Rhapsody. I nreally must get some people over this year and make them bring over VId's as a kinda form of payment :)

Eamon said...

What can I say I would love to be able to switch of the brain ....on much easier stuff then this I crumble but hope to have a better year this