Sunday, 24 February 2008


Was due to hook up with some friends for some easy trad cragging at a local limestone spot today but they backed out due to dodgey weather... no biggy. We are just back from Lostock, Bolton (north of Manchester) where we just competed in a good 10km race. Caroline and myself ran each other round to an almost half decent 36 mins and Caroline even picked up 3rd place in the female category in the process and a 30 quid voucher. Not a bad day at the office :) The 8b is well and truly in my brain! Arraagghhh! I love it! :)

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Outsider Annacurra '07 said...

good stuff Dave (and Caroline) you know I love the running stories on your climbing blog :)

did 25min tempo on grass followed by 4x600m on Saturday morning and was feckAroo'd after it. weak as piss!

Come play at one of our hillruns - especially Caroline(no offence to you, young master but there;s enough men already beating me without you joining in:). It's all good this year, new committee, new coaches, new manager. really!!