Sunday, 2 March 2008

Just another Sunday

Well another week has flown past and i've not really had a minute to myself! Really busy with school and work, Government inspectors are in next week observing teaching and learning standards within our school so everyone is wound up with that. Managed to make it to a climbing wall on thursday though and even found a project - a wall that has never been climbed features only - sad but it kept me busy! While there the owner, Ian, was telling me of a rockface he's found and wants to develop with routes up to E3 or something so i'm interested in checking it out with him sometime. Caroline was climbing well too and is ramping up climbing activity for a summer full of Goals on rock for both of us - looking forward to it already. Yesterday we had planned on making it out to Dinbren again and working the project but it was not to be - had to content myself with a fore-arm bursting session on the wall - just thinking about the project till i peeled off the small rungs, fingers twitching....Aaaaahhhh, it hurts sooo good! Today we've got another 10km race so we'll be hitting the road in about 30mins or so... i'll update on the results but to be honnest i'm kinda not feeling the flow this morning - tonnes of marking and planning to do for the comming inspection week!
Oh, plus i'm selling the house.... like i said it's been a busy week!
Oh, and i've set up the schools Duke of Edinburgh programme!
.....and i'm helping to organise and run the School's ESDGC (education for sustainable development and global citizenship ) day next week
.... and co-running the eco-council (involves setting up a recycling scheme etc...)
.... and i'm going to the Welsh assemby government in cardiff with a colleague and 4 school kids to attend a forum on sustainable development the following week!
Really busy!

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Wasatch Girl said...

Whew.... what a schedule! Hang in there!