Friday, 14 March 2008

Commonwealth Day

Building on the ESDGC day myself and MAJ had been given the opportunity to take 4 pupils down to the Welsh assembly building in Cardiff to put up a display on the Environment – our future. The day also included a guided tour of the Senedd building and we got to partake in the questions to the first minister for Wales infront of the entire assembly. The whole day was filmed and will be turned into a promotional DVD.
The group was met by Peter Kellam, the Senedd’s head of European and International relations and Mari Wyn Gooberman, the Senedd’s head of Education. We were then given a guided tour of the Senedd followed by a buffet lunch during which Assembly Members and invited guests from all over Wales and the world viewed the schools presentations on the environment. Jacqueline Wilson, Director of Governance and Institutional Affairs Division of the Commonwealth Secretariat flew in to give an address on sustainable development. This was followed by a Choir performance by Cor Ysgol Pencae, introduced by Janet Ryder AM, who performed some traditional Lesotho songs for some delegates present from that country. The group was then taken to the gallery above the assembly chamber to observe questions to the First Minister, Rhodri Morgan AM from the other assembly members.
Once finished with the formalities we took plenty of cheesy pictures around Cardiff newly re-developed Bay area and spent the night in a hotel. The Kids really seemed awestruck by the whole day and appreciated the effort we had put into organising it. It really took some grafting on my part to secure the funding and make all the calls necessary but I’m glad to say that now, sitting on the train heading back North to Rhyl I feel it was all worth it. Now I just have to sort out the schools recycling programme once and for all – Just need the time! Trying to fit in teaching, running with a committed athlete’s schedule, climbing and all this extra stuff that the school needs but no-one seems willing to do is working me – but I think I need to be worked hard to be happy – makes me appreciate things.

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