Thursday, 31 January 2008

Point of contact?

I recently received an email from a good friend who I don’t get to see very often. If you asked me what makes this person such a good friend I probably wouldn’t be able to answer it very convincingly at all. Never hung out all that much, never lived together – I don’t know really, I just feel that I can talk to this person more openly than I can with most and I enjoy any and all contact I have with them (usually via email from all over the world). While reading the latest mail I had a realisation of sorts – I was reading away, taking it in, enjoying the picture being painted when it finished with the most simple but most profound two words – I’m happy. That’s the whole point of it! Keeping in touch I mean… that’s why I do it! I had never thought about it or realised this before but every time I read a mail from this (or any) person I was constantly weighing up the tone and situations in my head to decide if they were happy – kind of like wanting the good guy in the movie to win. I have always wanted things to be going great for them despite not being in any position to do anything about it if they were not... other than listening and trying to cheer them up. Well this time it was laid bare for me and I was chuffed! There it was – everythings honky-dorey and AOK. Great!


Neal said...

Weird, I was actually going to put up a post today saying something very similar about another friend of mine.
great minds think alike and all that!

Dave said...

Haa! yeah... wonder was it the same person? :)

Neal said...

who knows - lets not find out :)