Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Back from the Holidays

Well i've well and truely ignored this blog for far too long! Man i've been busy between Estyn inspections in the school before christmas and then all the panic that goes along with having birthdays, christmas, mountains, races, training, meeting up with friends and family and traveling by ferry!! But i'm back now and have loads to type about...

More to come!

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Mike said...

Hi Dave,

I just found your blog through Fuelmyblog. I've been looking through your posts, and you clearly know your stuff about climbing! (I just started climbing this past August.) You've captured some great photos, too.

I'm writing because I'd like to feature you on my Web site, Lootist. It's a place where specialists like yourself guide people to the best products by hobby or interest.

I'd love to have you on Lootist as a climbing specialist. I'd feature you on the home page, which is a great way to drive readers to your blog.

Check it out and let me know what you think. Or, just go ahead and sign up and declare your specialty.


Mike Sonders
mike [at] lootist dot com