Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Where am i?

Ouch.... self evaluation!

Where am i without the gloss in order to know best how to get to where i want to be
  • I'm 24 Still!
  • Been fat since i was 9
  • Started climbing aged 17
  • I've onsighted a number of E6's (Some solo)
  • But never tried to lead an E7
  • Lead one dubious French 7c
  • But onsighted up to French 7b
  • Bouldered Font 7b(+?)
  • But dont really care

So from looking at that i can see that either i havn't pushed myself, or I'm just stupid and lucky and have been pushing myself Way too hard and been lucky enough to get away with it!

To get better i have to

  • Shape up
  • Get stronger at locks
  • Get stronger fingers
  • Develop my core
  • Stretch more
  • pick some projects and spend time on them!
  • clock more hours on rock and less hours doing shite!

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