Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Whats the point?

Just a quickie about something that has come up recently - What drives us to do it? I climb because i love it - dont know why exactly - i just do. I'd prefer to work and send a beautiful route, finally making it through the redpoint crux that has stopped be on previous attemps and clip the chain or reach the belay, rather than winning some competition. But for some they need something more fixed, more measurable - Caroline has recently gotten all stoked up by climbing again, training is back in full swing and shes looking for Comps to aim for - its a side of the sport i never really acknowledged. In fact it IS the Sport side of climbing - according to the literature, everything else is only leisure. Routes on rock, bouldering, anything other than a comp is leisure. Well thats where I'm at - But i dont think that means i've taken the easy route - i'm gonna progress through my leisure and push myself more than any comp could ever do - variety - its great!

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