Friday, 16 February 2007


How crap am i at organising anything???? I'm doing this PGCE course (thats a teacher training course) and i have been struggling to keep up with all the planning, writing etc... that needs doing outside of school hours. Basicially, i do too much outside of my work life to be able to keep on top of it all. So where does that leave me? pretty screwed actually - i either back off the training or just knuckle down and type whenever im not working, driving, eating or sleeping. Not much of a life is it? the only light at the end of the tunnel is that hopefully it'll all be worth it when i am working as a teacher and can climb and run all summer long :) The most frustrating thing is that i am actually really interesed in the philosophies behind alot of the learning theories ... but i just dont ever seem to have the time to explore them enough. Ah well - such is life...

So I've got to arrange and take these teacher tests - Pain in the arse but no biggie. Have to type up more of my lesson plans complete with self evaluations - Long and boring and pretty urgent. And i have to do more reflective writing. Haa... maybe this blog thingey will keep me tipping over on the reflective writing front so that when i come to typing some academic reflections i'll already be switched on and can just channel the flow of waffle more easily or something - or maybe im just typing this as a way of avoiding doing any real work... Hmmmm..

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