Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Living the dream

I read this mans entire blog today whilst avoiding doing any of the pressing matters that i really DO have to get through this week... typical!

Anyway, his Blog is the business ... its here at http://nmcquaid.blogspot.com/ go read it... or just look at the pretty pictures and make up your own stories to string em together. The mans motivated - and strong - thats should result in some pretty awesome climbing by the time he finds his feet over East. Good luck! He also has, very generously i might add, decided to grace his blog with the odd snippet of useful training advice - kinda like if i was to alter the training i did knowing what i know now kinda thing... His first post on this subject was like picking a giant scabb in my brain! He wrote down in words exactly what i felt in Siurana last year - but forgot! I needed to train on smaller footies! Simple as that! Having the man out there in the field is like having a brain-scout out there refreshing your mind to all those little things that gradually fade in importance once you come back from a sports climbing trip... It will be done! And things will happen

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