Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Weapon of Choice

Heres my baby... my home board. Only used to keep me ticking over through times of no money for fuel or even money for the not-so-local climbing wall - untill now that is. I'm stoked! stamina training on such a small board has obvious limitations and its bloody boring, soul-destroying stuff - but it makes me stronger, and all i need is enough stamina to hang onto a steep board for long enough to lead a decent route. Or so i figure anyways...

Nothing by way of a big hold on the board - infact my large campus rungs ate the biggest holds on the thing so i find even the easiest sessions do my finger strength some good. Not that its a killer or anything!! i mean i am the worlds strongest advocate of not overtraining on nasty holds - Avoid injury at all costs! All forms of indoor climbing is only a means to an end. The holds are flat at best or sloping pinches. Basically it just makes me pumped and over time, i can train to hang on for longer and deal with the pump - maybe not the most scientific approach but I'm hoping it'll work. I throw in a mix of hangs and pulls aswell - building up my one-arm hang strength slowly aswell. Time will tell how much good it does me on the crags - hopefully I'll have some improvements to report back with in this blog thingey

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