Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Running Man

Great Film wasn't it? Got it on DVD a few weeks back - Arnie kicking bad-guy ass all over the place! Anyway, Also the title of todays post - I run a bit, Well the last year I've been running alot. Manage to just creep over the oul 50 miles per week to include two track sessions and a decent long hill run at the weekends (up to 14/15 miles). Since i was a fat kid i always had a phobia of running... i kept that all through Uni and even when i started to push myself at the oul climbing i always had this deep underlying knowledge that i was and would always be unfit and fat. The remnants of a Christian Brothers school upbringing eh? Well, thats not entirely fair - the school had nothing to do with it, it was one crap PE teacher that did the real damage.

Anywho, I met Caroline - Running fanatic, and good too! and i started to run... once a week at first, gradually building up over time to where im at now. Even started to join in with the Races during the last year or so and managed to get selected for the North Wales Team a few months back. Over the previous 12 months or so we've been training under the guidance of Mike - a Legend of a coach, running partner and Friend.

So far on the Blog I've mentioned alot about my climbing goals and motivation and not much about anything else - well Although i started running just to get fit for climbing, now that i've adjusted to a decent weekly milage, i've got some half-decent running goals at the back of my mind aswell. So here thay are, so i cant deny them or avoid them. want to run under 2 min for 800m (I've managed 2:06 with no specific training so hopefully...), want to run under 17 min for a 5km. Thats it for now .... I'm easy to please :)

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