Friday, 9 February 2007

Importance of blog

Just home after a lenghty drive through less than ideal conditions to a destination that i was assured would be open only to find it closed due to snow - ah well looks like the good people will hae to contain their excitement for another week. Anyway, on the way to and fro, i listened to some banter on the radio about the importance of keeping a diary and an honest one at that. Blog = Diary? cant really say - never was much use at keeping a diary - i never understood how people in the movies could get soo upset if someone read their diary, i mean whats the point of writing something if you never intent anyone to read it - i kind always thought it was like women wearing something revealing and then acting shocked or disgusted if a man stares at them... was that not their intention? Anywho... I really do like the thought of throwing out all the daily thoughts, scattering them out and trying to define each and in doing so make some sence of them and possibly make a decision on them as a result. This is what i hope this turns out to be. The fact the anyone can stumble across it adds to it in a way, for me at least, as it acts as a kind of mediating factor - if i try and be honest and just type without sensoring myself and what comes out reads like the anal rantings of a self obsessed chimp then thats what i must be at that point - and as such i need a wake up/kicking! A big part of my current training revolves around reflective writing - learning theories, styles etc... good practice and how i can better myself through critical self analysis and reflection. Well why should it stop at a professional level? If i act like a Shit to someone i should be able to pull myself up for it and try to correct it before it happens again etc... etc... yadda... yadda... yadda...

I really, really want to climb - Its been a while

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