Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Spanish Bouldering Info - Hoya Moros & Albarracin

Hoya Moros

Check this out!!!I came across the topo for Hoya Moros near Madrid yesterday and was blown away by the scale of the blocks and the beauty of the valley. Huge scope for development and a deffinate destination for boulderers looking to try somewhere new. I love bouldering on granite so am already planing my first trip here. The topo is excellent too so i thought i'd share it with everyone!

Download the 40 page topo here:


Located about 1.5 hours drive inland from Valencia, Albarracin seems to be the sandstone mecca of Spanish bouldering! I'm psyched to go! Lots of everything from thuggy roofs to Font style slopers... check out Dosage V.

Find out all the info here:


Interesting facilities include:

  • 4 person cabins complete with kitchen, shower, toilet and TV: 69 Euros per night (17.25 each)
  • 6 person cabins complete with kitchen, shower, toilet and TV: 95 Euros per night (15.80 each)
  • Boulder mat rental only 5 euro per day
  • I can do pick ups from both Valencia and Alicante airports (Ryanair flights from Dublin) if people want to share a cabin for a weekend!!! Get thinking...


DaveF said...

That granite place looks great.

Dave said...

Haa! I know! Looks like a bigger Glendalough or something. it's got a 1.5 hour walk in and is at altitude so is perfect for summer bouldering. Loads of Videos on 8a.nu and Vimeo to get you motivated for a trip

ciaran said...

Hey Dave, we haven't met yet, but I would be well up for Albarracin weekend trips. My name is Ciaran I am a member of the Northside co-op. I went to Albarracin last November, it was incredible :)

Anonymous said...

Another option is the online guide http://norop.es

They also show some other spots in Spain

Peter said...

Hi, does the topo link for hoya moros still work? Doesnt for me. Is there any other way you could send it to me, please?